7 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Will Benefit Your Hair & Skin

vingarLately, everything in my home is about health and wellness. Who knew that I would turn 31, and really start to become health conscious. Though, I’m a work in progress, I’m still conscious. Moreover, I can’t take credit for this new mindset. I’d have to attribute my new consciousness to a series of convos with my husband. In which he stated that Apple Cider Vinegar could assist with the loss of the belly fat, that I’d been desiring to get rid of. Overjoyed at receiving this info, I began to do a Google search to confirm what my hunny had shared with me. And Girl was it true!!! Turns out Apple Cider Vinegar has benefits beyond burning fat!! Benefits that every girl should know. In which I will share with you today.  So here goes…..

Apple Cider Vinegar is so beneficial because of it’s acidity

Hair Benefits

  1. Removes stubborn product buildup
  2. Cleanses the scalp of dandruff
  3. Relieves Itching
  4. Naturally detangles
  5. Makes hair shiny after using

Skin Benefits

6. Tones: removes redness, and blemishes

7. Works as a moisturizer. Creates a barrier that locks in moisture



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