5 Things In Your Kitchen, That’ll Make Your Hair Thicker & Stronger

  1. Eggs

The protein in eggs helps the hair to become thicker, and stronger.

(Apply on dry hair for 20 minutes, then use a conditioner to co-wash instead of shampooing)



  1. Orange Juice

The citric acid in orange juice is great for strengthening, and thickening your hair

(Apply freshly squeezed orange juice to your scalp, and hair. *Minus the pulp*


  1. Coconut Oil

The protein in coconut oil is similar to those found in eggs which strengthen the hair, and cause it to become thicker and fuller.

(Apply oil on hair when wet or dry)



  1. Olive Oil

The Omega 3 fatty acids in olive oil promotes hair growth, and thickness

(Apply small amount after hair has been shampooed. Can be replaced with conditioner)



  1. Avocado

The vitamin B & E in Avocado works at the cellular level to protect and strengthen hair. Thus making the hair thicker and fuller.

(Apply fresh avocado as a mask after shampooing, and then rinse.)





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