Let’s Talk Ghana Cornrows, With Braids By Tracy

14199326_175370236223626_1131088316084599628_nLately my Facebook has been flooded with the most amazing styles, done by Tracy Simmons, of Braids By Tracy. So…… of course I had to hit her up, to get the deets on the popular Ghana Cornrow style that’s sweeping the nation right now.


TMH: What are Ghana Cornrows?

 Braids By Tracy:  Ghana cornrowing is basically cornrowing your hair with extensions.

TMH: What brands of hair works best and how many packs are needed?

Braids By Tracy: I use two brands of hair, which are X-Pression and Xtreme for Ghana cornrows and I usually use 1 1/2 to 2 packs .

TMH:  How is this done?

Braids By Tracy: You can either start off braiding your own natural hair and gradually add extensions or start with a very small amount of extensions, and again gradually add more and make the section of hair you add a little bigger each time. The sections are called “branches”, and I usually add 8 to 12 branches.

 TMH: What products are used for maintenance?

When I am done I put foaming wrapping lotion on the braids and place my client under a dryer for a more polished look.

TMH: Does this style take a very long time?

Braids By Tracy: Because you have to separate the hair into branches and stretch the hair it can be time consuming


 TMH: Is this style high or low maintenance?

Braids By Tracy: Ghana cornrows are a very low maintenance braid style, you only need to keep your scalp moisturized with whatever product that usually works for your hair.



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