GHD Flat Irons

217_image_1_heroBeing a member of the Ted Gibson Artistic Team is amazing. During this year’s summit, I was gifted a set of GHD Flat Irons by the GHD (Good Hair Everyday) Company. Initially, while watching the company’s demo I was not impressed. The fact that the settings on their irons aren’t adjustable made me cringe. Though the company tried to give all the benefits to why they chose to set their iron at 365 degrees. Yata Yata!! Hair is best manipulated at 365 degrees. Yata! Yata!  Yet I still wasn’t impressed. I mean what stylist doesn’t want to control heat while styling? I know I do!

But oh have I since changed my mind about the GHD flat irons! I’m now in love! I have literally pushed my Chi Irons to the side, because the GHD Irons are perfect for my hair and my little girl, who is currently going natural! So do I recommend purchasing these flat irons? Absolutely! Oh not to mention their darling packaging! I’m a stickler for packaging, and a free gift. So receiving the iron’s storage bag, and free brush was the icing on the cake!!


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