Formula For Creating The Best Beauty Brand

We spend our lives gravitating toward things that make us feel good. For this very reason we spend our hard earned coins too! We purchase things that make us feel sexy, empowered, secure, etc. This is fact!


Now take a few moments and think of what brands you invest in daily.

What do these brands make you feel?

I personally have a bit of an obsession with MAC’s Ruby Woo (red lipstick). It’s been about 2.5 yrs now. From the moment I place that lipstick on my lips, I grow wings. I don’t walk normally I glide. It’s like magic!!

I’d be the first to admit that MAC does an excellent job of making me feel fabulous.

But How?? How does this company make me feel as such?

It’s the company’s branding! MAC strives to make it’s customer’s feel bold, beautiful, and unique. By using Pop Culture’s favorite musicians and actresses. MAC understands the key to a successful brand, which is feeling. You must always make your customer’s feel like a member or an insider. The key to any successful brand is to make self expressive benefits part of the brand value proposition. This will add richness and depth to the brand and the experience of owning and using the brand’s products.


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